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Red Shield Ride Day 7 Orbost to Sale

Easy they said! only half the climbing (elevation) of yesterday. When you have 880k in the legs from the last 6 days nothing is easy! Today it was wet at the start and then when the rain cleared up around lunch time we had a strong headwind to contend with. Nothing was easy today and we are all smashed! The last few hours were very tough with a few riders hanging on to the back of the pack. We had a much needed stop 20k from completion for water, Coca Cola and Bananas. Rolled into the Motel a very weary and tired bunch. We did stop earlier in the day at Lakes Entrance for morning tea where I have started to help with the coffee van to speed up the breaks and lunch at Bairnsdale.

Todays ride was 173k with 1,009m of climbing. That makes it 1,053.1k for the week 11,174m of climbing and 39h 55m of riding time. No wonder we are tired. Surely that is worth a donation if you haven’t already or maybe you are inspired to donate more? So we have 3 days left and around 350k of riding and a massive climb up to Mt Baw Baw on Tuesday.

I hope you are enjoying the updates today I have nothing left to say I am just too exhausted. Looking forward to an easier day tomorrow and hope that the weather is dry?

#RedShieldAppeal #RedShieldRide


Red Shield Ride Day 6 Eden to Orbost

This is the second toughest day being our longest at 186k and 2,447k of climbing. Our biggest day will be day 9 slightly shorter but around 3,600m of climbing!

Now over half way to Melbourne and a big day ahead the focus was on getting through the day and keeping energy and leg strength for the last 4 days.

Today was hard as expected but with regular short breaks the kilometres ticked by at a steady pace. We did have to do battle with headwinds, rain, cold and constant rolling roads. On the plus side the country side was beautiful and a nice rain forest, your really get to appreciate this more when riding and not sitting in a car. We were all very happy to reach our destination for a hot shower, dry clothes and to clean our bikes.

Thanks everyone for your support and donations. I have now reached my minimum target of $5,000 but I know with the help of friends we can exceed this, so please help the Salvos and donate to the Red Shield Appeal via my Everyday hero fundraising page. Thanks.

#RedShieldAppeal #RedShieldRide

Red Shield Ride Day 5 Cooma to Eden

Day 5 billed as the first of 3 tough consecutive days didn’t disappoint we rode 172k and climbed 2,058m. Lots of undulations we started in the wet although not too heavy rolling out of Cooma along the Snowy Mountains Way before descending Brown Mountain a beautiful 10k descent, unfortunately one ride did slide out in the wet into the guard rail but miraculously minimal injuries (cracked helmet) and managed to ride on for the rest of the day.

We stopped at Bega for lunch before rolling to Eden. It was a long hard day with tomorrow billed as longer and harder.

We are half way there 5 days in and almost 700k of our 1,400k done But still plenty of climbing left! I would like to say we are doing it tough, but we are not. We have made a choice to be here. We are getting fed about 6 times a day and have warm, dry and safe accommodation every night. There are so many people in Australia who struggle for one meal a day or don’t have safe accommodation and the list goes on. So please help them and donate to the Red Shield Appeal via my everyday hero fundraising page. Thanks.

#RedShieldAppeal #RedShieldRide

Red Shield Day Ride 4 Canberra to Cooma

Before I start on day 4 a little story from yesterday. As we were riding through Canberra when one of our support vehicles stopped at the traffic lights travelling behind us, a man who was washing windscreens for his money came and gave his earnings to the van. it was $4. The van driver didn’t to accept the donation as the person looked like he needed the money but he insisted that The Salvos take it as “The Salvos have been good to me” he said. This is what we are raising money for to help people who need help! Please keep donating. My donations are growing but I want to exceed my target BEFORE I reach Melbourne. Tell your friends this is a great chance to donate to The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.

Today was a slightly different day. A late start as we were attending the Red Shield Launch Lunch in Canberra at old Parliament House then riding to Cooma. The group was nervous as rain was forecast and due to the mid afternoon start this meant we would arrive in Cooma in the dark.

The launch lunch was a pleasure to attend and we were able to hear a story from Adam a man who has been helped by the Salvos over the last 18 months. His life had been a struggle since early childhood and only now in his 30’s (I would guess) through the help of the Salvos is getting his life in order. It is good to see the people that get help from these donations. I also managed to bump into a friend Major Graeme Ross a fellow tuba player so it was good to say hi to him.

We left Canberra around 2pm, I was bumped from the B group to A group as one of the ride captains and joined the express train to Cooma. We were lucky with no rain and kept a good moving average of around 32kph. Total distance for today was 119.4k (113k from Canberra) with total elevation of 1,164m. Tomorrow we ride to Bega and then finish at Eden. Here is a short video for our first 3 days.

#RedShieldRide #RedShieldAppeal


Red Shield Ride Day 3

Day 2 ended with a meal (yes we like to eat) and a chance to hear a story from Cathy’s Story who was helped by the Salvos during the drought. This is where the funds are going, to local communities helping people who really need it. Keep the donations coming in, it is great to finish a ride each day and see that I have received more donations thanks.

Day 3 was billed as an easy day cycling from Goulburn to Canberra, a total of 117k and 913m of climbing. Ok it was a shorter but some nice rolling hills towards the end. For most of the day we did have a tail wind to push us along. Along the way our coffee van greeted us at Tarago for a coffee break and then onto Bungendore for lunch, before rolling onto Canberra. Compared to yesterday it was easier and in Canberra we cycled around Parliament House and had a group photo shoot.

Tomorrow will be a later start as we are attending a Red Shield lunch in Canberra before a ride to Cooma, the current weather forecast looks a little grim, so we hope the forecast is wrong and the weather stays nice. #RedShieldRide #RedShieldAppeal

Red Shield Ride Day 2

Day 1 ended with a nice group meal and guest speakers from local supporters of The Salvation Army Illawarra region educating us on the work the Salvos do in the local area and why the funds are needed. So keep digging deep friends (or foe) and help me exceed my target, I am now over $4,000 raised but want to get to above $5,000 before Melbourne in eight days time.

Day 2 started with some trepidation or excitement we were about to take on Jamberoo Pass which is about 600m of elevation and very steep and then on to Robertson to the famous pie shop. I would go back to the Pie shop again, seriously the climb was tough but worth the hard work with great views over the region. There is always a great sense of achievement in concurring such a climb. With the majority of the hard work over in the first 35k it was then onto Goulburn just a mere 115k away with plenty of rolling hills and country side. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air doing what something many people don’t get the chance to do.  The days stats were 153.6k and 2,178m of climbing. Many weary bodies rolled in Goulburn glad for a rest.

One of the benefits of a group ride is we have our own coffee van meeting us at various points. We were met by the Coffee van at the Jamberoo lookout. I wish I had a personal coffee van for every ride.

Thanks for the continued support, looking forward to day 3 an easier day riding to Canberra. #RedShieldRide #RedShieldAppeal

Red Shield Ride Day 1

The journey has begun. After a nice breakfast with family and supporters at the SCG, we said our farewells, completed a few laps of the SCG and then started our ride. Spirits were high and plenty of smiles and enthusiasm. The weather was perfect too.

It was very stop start through Sydney with all the traffic lights and we were glad to enter the National Park at Audley south of Sydney. We were also very lucky as there was back burning in progressing and fortunately the smoke was blowing away from us. It is always a marvellous view at Stanwell Tops and today did not disappoint and riding over scenic bridge is just as spectacular. We arrived at Wollongong for a well earned lunch and coffee and then then made the final journey to Kiama.

Today’s ride was 130k with 1,400m of climbing. Thanks for the donations and keep them coming in, I am getting closer to my fundraiser goal, please help me achieve my goal before I get to Melbourne.

A great first day, time to recover and get ready for day 2. #RedShieldRide #RedShieldAppeal

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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