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Bare Creek Trail Run


Do you like to challenge yourself, do you like to run / walk on beautiful trails, do you like to run / walk off road? The Bare Creek Trail Run will be held on Sunday 2 November 2014 with either a 10k or 6k options. I would describe the run as brilliant, due to it being off road and in the Garigal National Park. The BCTR is the main fund raiser of the St Ives Park Primary School P&C and this year I am the run coordinator.

Please support the event / school and enter (the link takes you to the web page) Bare Creek Trail Run entries are now open.


Runfocus Interval Training

New run interval session starting on 16 January 2012, refer to the runfocus tab for further details. I am excited about the session and hope you will join me.

Do you have what it takes?

What does it take to succeed in Triathlon? to answer this you firstly need to define success, to me this is to achieve your best and this is different for all, some it is to complete a Tri, others a PB or finish an Ironman whilst others want to qualify for certain events or win their chosen events. Yes ability does come into it in determining what is your best and the goals you set, but ability does not limit you from being your best or even being better than those who you have a perceived as having greater ability than you.

Three essential ingredients are required to put you on the path to racing to your best.

  1. Be self driven / motivated and committed to your training.
  2. Have a desire to improve.
  3. Have someone who you are accountable to and communicate with them regularly (this may be a coach!!!!)

Sure this is plug for coaching, if you feel that you have these 3 ingredients but have not put them together yet, have you thought about coaching, a coach can help you blend the key ingredients together and will help you set clear and realistic goals for your season (ie a plan). Dont let another season go by where you have not performed to your best on race day.

Upton Triathlon Coaching

Upton Triathlon Coaching

As an entrant to Upton Triathlon I would like to offer a coaching program to help you prepare for the big day.

What? I am offering a 13 week training program specifically tailored for Upton Tri (Sprint & Olympic distances). The program will consist of each week issuing you with the training sessions to be completed (around 7 hours per week of training). In addition throughout the program we will touch on other areas of racing to ensure you are prepared for the big day (eg, racing gear, transitions, nutrition etc). Athletes on the coaching program will also be entitled to contact me weekly either by telephone / skype or email, to discuss their progress and any concerns they may have in relation to their training & race

Who? Any one can subscribe to the coaching plan, but it will be tailored towards the beginner, novice or intermediate triathlete.

When? The program will commence on 13 April 2009 (athletes can commence a plan after this date, however the earlier you start, the better prepared you will be come race day)

Cost: A discounted rate of £60 per athlete (offer is only open to entrants of Upton Tri)

Coach:       My name is Andrew Tong, I am a British Triathlon qualified coach (Level 3). I have previously raced Upton tri myself & have coached athletes in this event, achieving 1st & 2nd in their categories, so the race & course are well known to me.

I am currently based in Australia but I am fully contactable on a UK mobile phone number, skype or email.

Contact: For further information please email me at or call me on +44 7952939233

I am a coach who is concerned with the individual & ensuring that each athlete achieves their potential whilst having a balanced lifestyle around them. I look forward to the opportunity of helping you reach your potential and being satisfied with your race result.

I am also able to provide coaching plans that are tailored specifically to the individuals season goals & their lifestyle & commitments, if you would like to make enquiries for a specific triathlon program please contact me.

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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