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Go Series Race #2 2019/20

Race #2 of the Go Series was held at the weekend. Due to the recent heavy rains the format was changed from a Triathlon to a Duathlon. Even though there was a change in format race numbers were still high and the kids enthusiasm was even higher. This was another great opportunity for the kids to race and also put their skills from training into practice. We can’t wait for the next race in two weeks time. Fingers crossed the water will be given the all clear for a swim and return to triathlon format.

Red Shield Ride Day 0

I think I am packed and have everything I need. We have been told to pack light but to have gear for every weather types and casual clothes, nutrition, foam rollers, spare tyres, tubes, brake pads and canisters. The bag is not very light.

I have spent the last few days stressing where I worry about any muscle twinge or if I sneeze but I think I am ready and ready to go tomorrow Monday 29th April for Day 1.

I am $1,500 short of my fundraising target that means that I need to raise just over $1 for every kilometre that I cycle over the next 10 days. Or think of it this way 15 donations of $100 or 30 donations of $50. Every little bit helps so please give what you can and help me support The Salvos.

Hopefully you can follow me over the next 10 days of this exciting journey and challenge.


Kids Tri Training

20181121_161821 (2)

In 2018 we started a kids Tri Training program during the summer terms. We did focus on developing skills, technique and fitness, but I think the smiles on the kids faces every week at training says that we also had lots fun (Parents are happy too seeing their kids being active). These squads are being run again in 2019, with the first session starting on Wednesday 30 January 2019. Please refer to our Kids Tri Page for entry and further details. Come along and join in on the fun.

Kids Tri Update

The Kids Tri training program is progressing well with participants learning and improving on many new skills. We are all getting much faster at our T1’s and T2’s, improving riding technique and skills (eg dead turns). On the running we are focussed on improving our running form and also fitness.

We have 6 weeks left of the program for term 1. We have room for more. If you want to book now for the last 6 weeks the price is $150 and entry is available now. Next training session is on Wednesday 28 Feb 2018. ENTER HERE

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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