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Racing Update Qtr 3 2012

True to form I have been slow in updating some great results over the last month.
Blackmores Running Festival Sydney, held in September with a brilliant spring day, I was on the start line with 15 half marathoners from CanToo Mac Uni Pod, we had be training together for over 14 weeks, for some this was their first half marathon and others were returning. A really great performance by everyone with 5 of the group going sub 2hrs and a couple of others getting very close, everyone had great races. For those that know this race this was a massive running day with distances from 4k, 9k, half marathon and marathon. undoubtedly the best running event in Sydney (in my opinion). It was also great to see many CanTooers out on the course who had been training in various groups over Sydney.

Emma, has been putting in solid race performances leading into Ironman 70.3 world champs (this race deserves a separate post). Results include

  • Ironman 70.3 Norway 2nd in age (4:54)
  • Bedford Classic Olympic 6th in age (2:23)
  • Monster Middle Distance 1st in age and 2nd female overall (14th position overall too) (4:36)

Excellent results particularly coming back from illness early in the season.

Parys, has continued her awesome form as she too prepared for Ironman 70.3 worldchamps. She is simply impressive the way that she always pulls out a superb performance every race.

  • Tri Challenge Team Relay (Dorney), mixed team winners
  • Milton Keynes Triathlon (English Champs) 1st in age, which means English age group champion to add to her impressive list (2:10)
  • Beford Classic 3rd in age (2:20)

The girl is just unstoppable!

Half Challenge Henley, to round out the list both Iain and Claire returned to training racing after Ironman France earlier in the season, great results to return to racing with 4th in age 4:37 and 8th in age 5:46 respectively.

It has been a busy a productive quarter with great performances, apologies if I missed any results.

Parys on the podium as England Olympic distance champ F35-39

Em, happy with her prizes I am not sure which lasted the longest!

2012 Quarter 1

2012 so far

It is hard to believe that the year has got away from me and I have not updated my blog. Well here goes for the year to date, what I can remember for the first quarter.

Ironman, whilst no races yet, I have been working with a number of athletes and Ironman season is almost upon us. Currently working towards Port Macquarie, Lanzarote, France, Cairns. Regensburg & UK with a number of athletes

Huskisson 2012, this was another great weekend of racing with a number of improved times over last year, the most notable was Steve who improved by around 45 min and dished out a good lesson to the coach in the process.

Races that have been used to monitor progress towards ironman are Batemans Bay Ironman 70.3 Singapore and Ball Buster duathlon. All results showed that Ironman preparations are on track.

Sydney ITU, a great race in my home city which included a good number of participants from swim and run squad and NSTC. We also formed a Trifocus team entry about 36 hours from race start, with the aim of participating and having some fun. What a brilliant race and background, highly recommended to do this race.

Parys is back in fine form, with solid performances, so far results are 1st in age group Thames Turbo Sprint (2nd female), 1st Clumber Park Duathlon and an outright win in the South Devon Coastal Trail run (10k), yes that is right she beat all the males too (great work) Emma also took out 2nd place female in the half marathon at the same event.

Swim squad continues with a plenty of solid training going on, with a couple of sets focussed on maximising distance in the hour.

Run squad, commenced in January and is growing steadily. As usual regular attendees are already posting good run improvements

CanToo, Mac Uni pod has grown this year starting with 40 participants preparing for SMH half marathon, it is great to be a part of this group as they achieve key milestones building towards their goal race, it is hard to believe we only have 2 more long runs to finish our build phase.

Keep training hard and remember what doesn’t break you makes you!

Blackmores Running Festival

Hot Hot Hot, is probably the best way to describe conditions on the day. I was privileged once again to be coaching the Mac Uni pod for CanToo in the half marathon. Leading up to the event every participant had been training hard in the rain and cold evenings for 14 weeks to make it to race day.

Race day came and at 6am it was unseasonably hot and dry, with a race start of 6:20am I had made the assumption that we will almost be finished before the day starts to warm up. I was very wrong.

It was pleasing that 100% of our participants made it to the start line and we had not lost anyone to injury during the training. Everyone relied heavily on the training that was in the bank and it showed towards the end of the race when they stayed strong whilst others started to struggle. Everyone did finish, yes the heat did add a few minutes to the times, but the goal was to finish and raise funds for Cancer Research and both goals were achieved. Well done team, looking forward to the next running program.

CanToo Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon was held, I was on the start line with all the other participants and what felt like hundreds of runners in orange running for Can Too and in particular my team from the South West.

Personally a touch of nostalgia for me as this was my first endurance event I ever participated in 10 years ago, back then not sure of what to expect. What I could not have foreseen on that day is how many endurance events I will then go on to complete or the fact that I would enjoy and love the sport so much that one day I would be coaching athletes for this same event.

Well the run was not about me. I have been inspired over the last 14weeks coaching my team as their enthusiasm and eagerness was infectious from the start and always present at every session. What makes the group special (and all Can Too groups) is that the majority of participants have never run a half marathon before, many of them were not even regular runners at the start, but more importantly each participant was driven on by a goal bigger than themselves in that they are all raising funds for Cancer research and this is their primary reason for being there. I think this is why the experience is all the more rewarding as the participants are firstly giving of themselves and the return satisfaction and fulfilment of completing the half marathon is all the more rewarding and personal

As I say the team is an inspiration to be apart of, everyone finished and ran strong the entire way around. Training for and running a half marathon is not an easy task and over the last 14 weeks we have been on highs and lows and persevered through the mental battle of endurance events, but with the support of the entire team everyone pulled through and is stronger for the experience. well done team, looking forward to the next round.

If you want to run in an event for Can Too please follow the link to Can Too

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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