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Can Too Week 7

7 weeks are now completed of the 14 week plan for the SMH half marathon. The South West pod continues to train well and has just finished a tough training week.

During the week all participants completed their 2nd 5k Time Trial at the track. with significant improvements from everyone. The group is now running from 31 seconds to 1min 42seconds quicker per k over the 5k’s. these time gains are massive and can only be achieved by consistent training over the last 7 weeks and sticking to the goals of each session. well done to all the pod for this improvement.

To top the week off we all participated in the Lindfield 10k fun run yesterday (Sunday 28 March). It was a great occasion to met runners from the other CanToo pods and support each other in this event. The run can be summed up in 1 easy word BRUTAL! the only flat section was the half a lap around the oval at the end, the rest was either up hill or down hill, it was unrelenting and absolutely no opportunity to recover from the hills and find a good running rhythm. We all finished the run with smiles on our faces and could laugh about the toughness afterwards.

I am looking forward the last half of the training and seeing the additional fitness and speed gains that will be achieved. Well done on all the achievements to date

Can Too Run

The year is definitely flying by and I am wondering where the first 2 months have gone. To start my year off I have been contacted by a number of people with their new years resolution and I am now full up for one to one coaching.

I am also very pleased to say that I have commenced coaching for Can Too. Can Too is a charity based in Sydney raising money for cancer research in search of a cure (Can Too currently operates in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane). Can Too is unique to any other charity that I have come across in that Can Too takes an active interest in each particpants fund raising and provides proactive support and advise to assist people to achieve their target and they also provide the coaching and a training plan. The groups meet twice each week,  for a track session and endurance run. this also helps develop a team atmosphere and ensures that all entrants have the best chance of achieving their goal. For more info on CanToo their web site is

I am coaching the South West pod in Sydney, based in Liverpool, we are training towards the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon in May 2010 and are into our 4th week of training. I will blog our progress, currently we have seen improvements in speed work at the track and have developed our longer runs at just over the hour mark.

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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