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Red Shield Ride Day 8 Sale to Moe

Today was meant to be an easy roll after 3 big days in the saddle. A later start than normal had us rolling to the Sale Salvation Army to see their work first hand. I did have a chance here to tell the Sale Salvos as to why we are riding and what motivates us to help them. I tried to say it is a team and we admire and want to support the front line workers with funds to be able to help those in need. After our visit we started our roll to Sale. Keep donating to the Salvos where the money goes to the help the people that need it most.

The forecast was for us to be riding into strong headwind all day and unfortunately this was correct. We took constant rolling turns to share the load (unlike group B drafting behind their support car!) and were spread out across the lane trying to shelter from the wind when not on front. Needless to say the ride was not fast as it was extremely tough when on front. Total distance 102.4k and 517m of climbing. We did throw in a few extra K’s as we felt that anything under 100k was too short.

I am still working on my coffee skills and help out on the coffee machine at the breaks.

Tomorrow is a big day so I will spend the rest of today preparing physically and mentally for the penultimate stage and our biggest stage of the tour. #RedShieldAppeal #RedShieldRide

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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