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Red Shield Day Ride 4 Canberra to Cooma

Before I start on day 4 a little story from yesterday. As we were riding through Canberra when one of our support vehicles stopped at the traffic lights travelling behind us, a man who was washing windscreens for his money came and gave his earnings to the van. it was $4. The van driver didn’t to accept the donation as the person looked like he needed the money but he insisted that The Salvos take it as “The Salvos have been good to me” he said. This is what we are raising money for to help people who need help! Please keep donating. My donations are growing but I want to exceed my target BEFORE I reach Melbourne. Tell your friends this is a great chance to donate to The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.

Today was a slightly different day. A late start as we were attending the Red Shield Launch Lunch in Canberra at old Parliament House then riding to Cooma. The group was nervous as rain was forecast and due to the mid afternoon start this meant we would arrive in Cooma in the dark.

The launch lunch was a pleasure to attend and we were able to hear a story from Adam a man who has been helped by the Salvos over the last 18 months. His life had been a struggle since early childhood and only now in his 30’s (I would guess) through the help of the Salvos is getting his life in order. It is good to see the people that get help from these donations. I also managed to bump into a friend Major Graeme Ross a fellow tuba player so it was good to say hi to him.

We left Canberra around 2pm, I was bumped from the B group to A group as one of the ride captains and joined the express train to Cooma. We were lucky with no rain and kept a good moving average of around 32kph. Total distance for today was 119.4k (113k from Canberra) with total elevation of 1,164m. Tomorrow we ride to Bega and then finish at Eden. Here is a short video for our first 3 days.

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