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NSTC TTS March 2011

On Saturday evening, the Northern Suburbs Tri Club, (NSTC), held its monthly Transition Training Session (TTS), a handicapped Swim / Bike / Run training session. As usual these are always relaxed and fun training events.

The TTS has a good following from club members and local triathletes. It was good to see a number of people participating from the Thursday swim sessions and I had provided them with instructions to warm up prior and swim at a pace that was sustainable. All of them reported after the TTS that they took the swim much easier than in the past without any negative impact on their swim time and with more energy left for the bike and the run, well done all I am glad that you listen to me somedays!

The club put on a BBQ post TTS so we could all take it up on how good we once were, or how good we will be next season.

Do you have what it takes?

What does it take to succeed in Triathlon? to answer this you firstly need to define success, to me this is to achieve your best and this is different for all, some it is to complete a Tri, others a PB or finish an Ironman whilst others want to qualify for certain events or win their chosen events. Yes ability does come into it in determining what is your best and the goals you set, but ability does not limit you from being your best or even being better than those who you have a perceived as having greater ability than you.

Three essential ingredients are required to put you on the path to racing to your best.

  1. Be self driven / motivated and committed to your training.
  2. Have a desire to improve.
  3. Have someone who you are accountable to and communicate with them regularly (this may be a coach!!!!)

Sure this is plug for coaching, if you feel that you have these 3 ingredients but have not put them together yet, have you thought about coaching, a coach can help you blend the key ingredients together and will help you set clear and realistic goals for your season (ie a plan). Dont let another season go by where you have not performed to your best on race day.

Huskisson II Long Course Triathlon

Last weekend I ventured down to Huskisson where there were a number of Tri events held over the weekend. The main event being the long course tri on Sunday. Both the weather and the racing were hot.

For me I was actually participating again being well over 2 years since I raced anything close to this distance and also a number of people from my coaching and swim squad were participating and as usual I am always keen for them to do well. What is always pleasing seeing the majority improve on their overall times and also some much improved swim times too, proof that structured swim training is worthwhile.

My own race tactics were somewhat conservative, mainly as I do not get to train as much as what I once did and ensuring that I finished in reasonable shape. I took the swim really easy and found myself overtaking many others in the last half of the swim, getting out of the water almost bang on my target, for the bike I was determined to ride to a HR in the 140’s, whilst initially I had to consciously hold back once in the rhythm all was well and found myself keeping a very consistent pace, much like the swim the longer the ride went on the more I overtook. Towards the end of the bike it was noticeably hotter and the wind had picked up too. Onto the run and I felt good and shamefully would admit that a few years ago I would have just run as fast as I could for as long as I could, which generally resulted in a slow shuffle / stagger at the end and a very disappointing run time. Like the bike I made a conscious effort to hold back and was still running slightly quicker than planned. At the end of the first lap (10k), the heat was starting to play a big impact. Onto the last lap it was a struggle to maintain the same effort and the legs starting to feel tight. I did slow a little but was determined to keep pushing on and was glad to reach the final turn for home, each aid station could not come soon enough. I was extremely glad to see the finish line and was spent and it took some hours of until I started to recover.

Overall I was happy with my time and placing knowing that I need to get a little more running in my legs before the next race at Cairns in June and it was GREAT to be racing again.

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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