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Push it

I was recently asked for my tips on push ups by Maya Zahran of Health Smart magazine. here is the completed article on push ups

Push it

Exmoor Trail run

Ellen has provided a race update of her current training.

“On the 22 May I headed down to Exmoor for the last of my season’s trail runs, half marathon distance, before getting back on to some more serious cycle training the following weekend with the 3 day Tour of Wessex – which consisted in a fairly challenging 329 miles worth of hills, although amazingly enjoyable through stunning scenery in the south west of England.  This time round I had more confidence in my ability to finish fast, so I started with the frontrunners and benefited from being able to avoid too much of a bottle neck on the very steep coastal paths.  It also enabled me to judge my position more accurately, allowing me to finish third overall, as well as first lady – though I did not get two medals”

I am truly impressed with another great performance and think that Ellen does deserve a medal for third overall too, keep up the good results and please don’t enter the same races as me!

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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