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Stirling Univeristy Duathlon

Parys headed up to Scotland for the weekend to race the Scottish Duathlon champs at Stirling University Duathlon. This race is also a British Triathlon qualifying race for the Duathlon World Champs being held in Edinburgh later this year.

Parys’s sole objective at this race was to obtain her qualifying place for the world champs. The field also comprised of a number of Elite racers including Catriona Morrison the current ETU Duathlon European Champion and hence focussing on the main priority in such a tough field was difficult.

In Parys’s own words the race was the hardest race she has ever done, with an incredibly tough run and unrelenting head wind on the bike. However it is the result that counts. As anticipated first female was Catriona Morrison and Gillian Palmer was second. Parys rounded out the top 3 female finishers overall in a time of 2:08:31 and has booked her place onto the GB age group team for the world champs. Great result. Parys now turns her attention to the ETU duathlon champs in May 2010.

Broadland Half Marathon – More Race Gear!

Ellen, raced the Broadlands Half Marathon in mid March, here is what she has to say about her race.

“Keeping on the theme of gear, for a road half marathon last weekend in preparation for the London Marathon, I decided to try wearing lightweight racing shoes – something I had previously dismissed due to the improbably large number of trainers which already attract comment from unsuspecting visitors tripping over them on the way in to our home.  I lined up on a narrow country lane to the East of Norwich for a great event organised by Norwich Road Runners, through countryside and flint churches so beautiful I found myself regretting the lack of a camera and time to use it…  Although Aussies might struggle to believe it, with spring on its way, I even caught the sun.  Cheerful support in the villages along the way had an amusing effect on a few male runners who took a while to admit to being overtaken.  In such pleasant surroundings, I was able to keep to Tongy’s advice on pacing and ran comfortably, speeding up towards the finish and feeling very light footed in the new trainers!  Glad to say this enabled me to take home an embarrassingly huge trophy, especially when being made to drink out of it in the evening.”

Well done to Ellen, we had previously discussed a pacing strategy, to start the first half at marathon pace and speed up to half marathon pace. The race plan was executed to perfection and what Ellen fails to mention (minor details?) is yes she did take home a huge trophy as she was first female overall, she broke the course record (again!)  in 1:25:06 and was 16th overall, so more than a few males would have been overtaken. Well done to Ellen on another great race performance, we are now gearing up for the final preparations for the London Marathon.

Can Too Week 7

7 weeks are now completed of the 14 week plan for the SMH half marathon. The South West pod continues to train well and has just finished a tough training week.

During the week all participants completed their 2nd 5k Time Trial at the track. with significant improvements from everyone. The group is now running from 31 seconds to 1min 42seconds quicker per k over the 5k’s. these time gains are massive and can only be achieved by consistent training over the last 7 weeks and sticking to the goals of each session. well done to all the pod for this improvement.

To top the week off we all participated in the Lindfield 10k fun run yesterday (Sunday 28 March). It was a great occasion to met runners from the other CanToo pods and support each other in this event. The run can be summed up in 1 easy word BRUTAL! the only flat section was the half a lap around the oval at the end, the rest was either up hill or down hill, it was unrelenting and absolutely no opportunity to recover from the hills and find a good running rhythm. We all finished the run with smiles on our faces and could laugh about the toughness afterwards.

I am looking forward the last half of the training and seeing the additional fitness and speed gains that will be achieved. Well done on all the achievements to date

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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