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Blackmores Running Festival

Hot Hot Hot, is probably the best way to describe conditions on the day. I was privileged once again to be coaching the Mac Uni pod for CanToo in the half marathon. Leading up to the event every participant had been training hard in the rain and cold evenings for 14 weeks to make it to race day.

Race day came and at 6am it was unseasonably hot and dry, with a race start of 6:20am I had made the assumption that we will almost be finished before the day starts to warm up. I was very wrong.

It was pleasing that 100% of our participants made it to the start line and we had not lost anyone to injury during the training. Everyone relied heavily on the training that was in the bank and it showed towards the end of the race when they stayed strong whilst others started to struggle. Everyone did finish, yes the heat did add a few minutes to the times, but the goal was to finish and raise funds for Cancer Research and both goals were achieved. Well done team, looking forward to the next running program.

Beijing ITU World Champs

In September Emma ventured off to Beijing to represent team GB at the triathlon world championships. Initially it was in our plan to qualify for the worlds or Europeans in 2012, but when Emma qualified for this year what would you do but take the spot.

Obviously for a race of such importance and prestige you want to be at your best. The goal was to put in a PB type performance and on an unkown course and conditions it is hard to put too many specific and achievable targets that are not controlled by outside factors. As a coach I thought it would be nice to be in the top 10 for your age, but I never mentioned this goal. Looking at the profile of the course I did think that it played to Emma’s strengths and she would race well.

On race day Emma definitely pulled out that PB performance and came home 5th in age group. A brilliant race and everyone is ecstatic with the final result. To use her words “the coaching rocks”, although I would prefer to say Emma rocks!

Since returning from Beijing Emma raced the Fixed relays at Dorney, this is a team event where every member completes all 3 legs. Happy to say that Emma’s team with Parys and CJ all from Ful-on tri club took out the win for the fastest female team and 5th fastest team overall, this result included a 5min PB over last year from Emma. I am already looking forward to see what Emma can do in 2012.

London Duathlon

As per usual I am a bit behind on updating great race performances.

Eleanor raced the London Duathlon in September finishing a very brilliant 3rd in age group and 13th femaleoverall. This was a good way to finish the season having trained hard all year, fininshing her first half ironman and consistent performances at Olympic.

“If you are comfortable with your training regime then you should be concerned. You can only make the big gains by being out of your comfort zone.”
- Me

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